Sim Ramkissoon's Portfolio

Graphic Designer | Art Director | Creative Consultant


Since 2015, NiaZamar has worked to provide safe and loving space. They are committed to holding space for deeper self-love, transformation, reclamation and redefinition of self while held in a community of love and solidarity. They facilitate workshops at various organizations, offer a network of support to the NiaZamar Circle as well as host monthly sessions for community.

I was the lead designer behind the social media campaign they were launching for their first lip gloss line. 

My Role

This was my first project as the lead designer, so it has a special place in my heart. I worked alongside the founder, Tanya Turton, and photographer Nadia Ebrhm.

The concept was to showcase black women,  wearing lip glosses which were all named by Tanya Turton. The models were asked what each lip gloss name meant to them, and then quotes were featured on the banner ads. I was responsible for the layout and visual design. 


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